Dak Prescott: We got better in joint practice with Broncos

Dak Prescott: We got better in joint practice with Broncos

The Cowboys won’t play their first preseason game until Saturday night, but it won’t be the first time they share the field with another team this summer.

Thursday found the Cowboys in Colorado for a joint practice with the Broncos that featured a fair amount of emotions boiling over. There were six fights over the course of the session, but Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott wasn’t focused on that when he spoke to reporters.

Prescott won’t play on Saturday and said he viewed the joint practice as his game for the week. He also said he viewed the day as a win for the Cowboys because they improved over the course of the practice.

“We got better,” Prescott said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We took a step. You go on the road and play in someone else’s practice environment, things can get chippy. But when you put that to the side and look at the X’s and O’s and execution. We took a step.”

Prescott got more reps Thursday than he would have on Saturday and that plan will likely remain in place next week. The Cowboys will practice with the Chargers in what will be another chance for Prescott and the offense to get better without appearing in a game.