Brian Daboll: It was strange not calling offensive plays

Brian Daboll: It was strange not calling offensive plays

The start of the preseason schedule means that it is time for rookies around the league to get their first taste of NFL game action and some coaches also will be experiencing new things this week.

Brian Daboll was a head coach for the first time as he led the Giants against the Patriots on Thursday night and that led to a different set of responsibilities than he was used to as the offensive coordinator in Buffalo. Daboll threw his first challenge flag — he said he was “upset” about losing that challenge — and he ceded offensive playcalling duties to offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.

In his postgame press conference, Daboll was asked if it was strange not to be the guy calling in the plays.

“Yeah. Yeah. I tell you when it was strange was before the game and the night before,” Daboll said. “You’re going through so many things in your head and thinking about situations. Whether it’s the preseason, regular season, or the playoff game, whatever it may be. You know, it’s a tough job to call plays, and you have to really put a lot of time and effort and energy into it, and Mike has done a good job with it. Again, it’s his first game. Certainly there’s no game-planning going on, but, again, the operation of calling it, getting it in quick to the quarterback, giving little reminders. I thought he did a good job.”

As Daboll mentioned, Kafka is new to calling plays and the Giants have not settled on plans for the regular season at this point. Should thinks run smoothly in their next two games, there might not be much reason to rock the boat before September.